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 2023 NEWS

March 19: I am invited to present my work "On Reflexivity and Immigrant Identity"

at The University of Nebraska, Omaha, Philosophy Colloquium

The event will take place on Friday, March 24, at 4 PM, Central US Time

at 205 ASH (Arts and Sciences Hall).

February 24: The inaugural meeting of the newly formed Online Schopenhauer Working Group

will take place on Friday, March 17 at 1:30 PM, Eastern US Time.

I am invited to present and discuss my recently published manuscript.

If you are interested in attending the meeting,

please feel free to contact me to obtain the Zoom link.

January 11: My manuscript entitled “Schopenhauer on Inner Awareness and World-Understanding” has been accepted for publication in

British Journal for the History of Philosophy.

*Some Praise*

"This is an excellent, finely polished paper that advances both textual evidence and general philosophical arguments for the thesis that inner awareness has a representational character.

I found it a pleasure to read and to be presented with admirable perspicuity. Changed my mind about Schopenhauer's position in important ways and is likely to have the same effect on more generous critics. The paper is very, very good about providing recaps of complex strands of argument."

— an anonymous referee

"Fascinating paper - very pleased to be publishing this."

— an editor

(The full text is now available on PhilPapers and ResearchGate .)

You may also would like to see my blog post entitled "The legacy of Schopenhauer’s metaphysics,"

which appeared on The Official Blog of the American Philosophical Association.


2022 NEWS

October 8: I chaired and moderated a panel entitled "Love in the Deepest Sense,"

at the 2022 The North American Nietzsche Society meeting,

which was held at Brown University.


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