Philosophy of Women (Fall 2022)

Course Description. Women and issues of special concern to women have been often overlooked or dismissed in philosophy. Furthermore, in the long tradition of philosophy that dates from Plato, ideas and contributions of women philosophers have been systematically dismissed or deemed frivolous. It is well known that women are still not well represented in philosophy. The main goal of this course is twofold: on the one hand, this course will introduce you to the social and cultural reasons for the neglect of women in the canons of philosophy, and on the other hand, we will examine selected works of contemporary women philosophers and their contributions to the major sociocultural issues facing women today.


The works of the thinkers that are discussed in this course include Musonius Rufus, Plato,

Marilyn Frye, Iris Marion Young, Edith Stein, Jennifer Saul, Mirjam Müller, Lisa H. Schwartzman, Erin Beeghly, Mary Kate McGowan, and Carol Hay.